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Nebulizer Information

A nebulizer is an air compressor, often called a breathing machine, used to inhale liquid medicine. Nebulizers are commonly used by asthma patients for administering medication to the lungs, expanding the airways and creating freer breathing. Nebulizers are easy to use and simple to clean. Here's how.


1. Step 1

Make certain you have all the parts of a nebulizer: a compressor, tube, cup and mouthpiece or mask. Medicine is also needed and should be administered according to your physician's instructions.

2. Step 2

Set the compressor on a level surface near an electrical outlet and plug in.

3. Step 3

Pour the medicine into the nebulizer cup and attach the cup to mouthpiece or mask. A mask tends to work better for small children. It covers the mouth and nose with an elastic strap that expands and rests on the back of the head, much like a doctor's mask, although it's made of plastic instead of cloth.

4. Step 4

Attach one end of the tube to the nebulizer cup. Attach the other end of the tube to the compressor or breathing machine.

5. Step 5

Sitting upright, place the mask over the mouth and nose and secure it by adjusting the elastic strap on either side of the mask. If you're using a mouthpiece, hold it in place with your hand.

6. Step 6

Turn on the compressor. Once on, you will see the vapors rising from the mask.

7. Step 7

Keep the compressor on until the medicine in the nebulizer cup completely vaporizes. This may take about 10 minutes.

8. Step 8

Turn off the compressor and remove the mask or mouthpiece.

9. Step 9

To clean the nebulizer, turn it off and detach the cup from the tubing. Wash the mask or mouthpiece and cup in hot soapy water or soak it in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. Rinse thoroughly and air-dry. Store the compressor in a dry, dust-free environment.